Effective and well-functioning EWCs in post-Covid era

On 11 and 12 October 2023, the Face-to-Face training of the “Effective and well-functioning EWCs in the post-Covid era” project was held in Warsaw. The project event saw the active participation of 26 people, including representatives of trade unions, employers’ organizations, and EWC members from Poland, Slovakia, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, and Turkey.


In the ever-changing landscape of European Works Councils (EWCs), the aforementioned 2-day training session shed light on the critical issues that EWCs face in a rapidly changing world. Co-funded by the European Union, this event has, therefore, brought together stakeholders from across Europe to discuss and strategize key challenges and opportunities, including how to achieve greater efficiency in EWC work in a rapidly changing manner. In fact, during the training, participants explored strategies to simplify processes and improve decision-making within these transnational organizations.