Women’s section


The Statute of the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro prescribes the establishment of the Women’s Section as an interest-based group of employed female members of the trade union, intending to promote and enhance trade union activities.

Starting from the fact that in Montenegrin society there is still a patriarchal attitude towards women, learned as a pattern of behavior and understanding of women throughout history, it is clear that there is a lot of room to improve the position of women and their role in society, family, economic, cultural, political and social sphere. It is for these reasons that we consider our Section and its work extremely important, especially considering the fact that Montenegro, as a candidate country for joining the EU, must strengthen the position and rights of women, influence the trends in the direction of the gender mainstreaming, the elimination of gender-based discrimination, etc.

Activists of the Women’s Section contribute with their work to stimulating and empowering women for an active role in trade union and economic life, increasing women’s employment, protecting women at work, establishing a policy of equal opportunities for all women, achieving an equal position for women on the labor market and achieving economic independence for women. The Women’s Section contributes to better informing women about the importance and nature of their rights, thus influencing the greater and better participation of women in all spheres of social life.