Presentation of the Draft Labor Law at the XIII Main Committee session UFTUM

Yesterday, the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro held the XIII session of the Main Committee in extended composition. The main subject of this session was a Draft Labor Law, that is, the novelties that this the most important regulation for the world of labor introduces. Mr Kemal Purišić, Minister of Labor ans Social Welfare, and Mr Zoran Ratković, Director in the Directorate of Labor, attended the session.

UFTUM Secretary General briefed the audience on the key issues of the Draft Labor Law, pointing out the achievements to the benefit of employees as well as compromises reached regarding the disputable issues, but also mentioned the provisions that the UFTUM will try to improve through further dialogue and harmonization.

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare pointed out that all social partners had different starting positions and great expectations, but that the work at the level of the Working Group ended with a high degree of consensus thanks to the fair negotiations and acceptance of argumentation of all parties involved. He added that out of 180 articles as many of 120 underwent change, new 36 articles were added, and 48 were changed from the grounds.

The expectations of the UFTUM representatives as well as of Mr Purišić and Ratković, are that after the new Labor Law enters into force in this or slightly different form, new mechanisms and conditions be provided for proper and consistent application thereof.