Social Council of Montenegro holds its First extraordinary session

The First extraordinary session of the Social Council of Montenegro was held today in Villa Gorica. In addition to the members, the session was attended by the President of the Parliament of Montenegro Aleksa Becic and the Prime Minister of Montenegro Zdravko Krivokapic.

The agenda of the session included, among other things, the Proposals for the Law Amending the Labor Law submitted to the Parliament by the MPs Slaven Radunovic, Danilo Saranovic, Dragan Ivanovic, Branka Bosnjak and Milos Konatar and the Proposal for the Law Amending the Labor Law submitted by the MPs from the Social Democratic Party, Rasko Konjevic and Draginja Vuksanovic Stankovic. The representatives of the UFTUM in the Social Council stressed the need to increase the minimum wage to at least 250 euros, which would improve the economic and social position of a large number of employees receiving the minimum wage, on the one hand, and which would contribute to the increase of the national budget revenues, on the other hand. After the discussion, the members of the Social Council adopted by consensus the Recommendation on increasing the minimum wage.