Support to the Protest of the Trade Union of Defense and Army

The Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro gives full support and invites its members to join the September 9th protest march “For Truth, Justice and Dignity” organized by the Trade Union of the Defense and the Army of Montenegro because of the dismissal of 22 soldiers from the service. The competent institutions, as well as the Montenegrin public, were informed about the fact that the decision not to extend the service contracts for 22, mostly young soldiers, was made by the Minister of Defense, although they were all proposed by the commanding staff to extend the service contract in the Army. Despite several addresses by the SOVCG, the Minister of Defense will not announce the reasons and criteria for not extending the service contract for 22 soldiers, especially when considering that a public advertisement is in progress for the new 50 soldiers.

This situation, if not resolved quickly, will result in professional and existential insecurity, as well as a fall in morale among all members of the Army of Montenegro. Such a situation is unacceptable and unsustainable for an institution that in all countries, with its reputation, organization and professionalism in its work, should represent a role model for all other institutions. Therefore, the UFTUM invites the authorities to urgently solve this problem and thus restore stability and peace to the members of the Army of Montenegro in order to be able to dedicate maximum efforts to fulfilling their responsible profession in the interests of the citizens of Montenegro.