UFTUM Congress

  • adopts Program and Statute
  • decides on number and composition of members of the Main Committee
  • elects Secretary General
  • erifies composition of members of the Statutory Committee and the Steering Committee

Secretary General

  • Represents the UFTUM
  • Prepares and chairs the sessions of the Secretariat
  • Is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Main Committee and the Secretariat
  • Is responsible for informing members about the UFTUM activities
  • Proposes Deputies Secretary General

Main Committee

Is the highest organ between two Congresses that:

    • Renders a decision on holding the Congress
    • Elects the president of the Main Committee and Deputies Secretary General
    • Verifies the Secretariat composition
    • Analyzes the work report of the Secretariat


Is an operative UFTUM body authorized to conduct active policies and to decide on strategies for execution of program objectives, and it is composed of Secretary General, Main Committee President, Deputies Secretary General, presidents of representative branch trade union and selected representatives of branch trade union based on the census determined proportionally to paid membership fee.

Steering Committee

  • Supervises the use of UFTUM’s assets and financial resources
  • Submits to the Main Committee and Congress reports on financial operation of the UFTUM
  • Is composed of representatives of all branch trade unions

Statutory Committee

  • Monitors the implementation of the UFTUM Statute and proposes its amendments
  • Interprets the Statute and decides on disputes regarding application of the Statute
  • Is composed of all branch trade unions representatives