July 12, 2015

Mothers with three or more children entitled to lifelong compensation from 2016

At yesterday's session, members of the Parliament of Montenegro have supported the Law Amending the Law to Social and Child Protection. This Law provides that, from 2016, working mothers with three or more children, who have 25 or 15 years of service, will, if they wish, receive lifetime monthly fee in the amount of 70% of the average net salary in Montenegro earned in the year preceding the year of exercising that right. In addition, unemployed women with three or more children that are registered at the Montenegrin Employment Agency for at least 15 years can exercise the right to lifelong compensation amounting to 40% of the average net wage in Montenegro.
By specific activities of a number of MPs and support of other MPs by voting for the adoption of the proposed text, as well as large public support, the Congress Resolution of the Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro will be formally implemented starting from 2016. In this way, a major step towards protecting one of the most vulnerable groups of society was made and respect of particularly heavy and responsible position of women, who are simultaneously mothers of three or more children, was expressed.
Also, the Law has shown a special relation towards the parents who take care of the persons who are personal disability beneficiaries in a way that allows them right to compensation regardless of the employment and pension status.