May 04, 2015

ILO Regional conference “Labour market transitions of young women and men in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”

28-29 April 2015

International Labour Organization (ILO) organized a regional conference to launch the report “Labour market transitions of young women and men in Eastern Europe and Central Asia”. The report summarizes the key findings of recent school-to-work transition surveys that were run in six countries in the region under the umbrella of the ILO Work4Youth (W4Y) Project. The Conference provided an opportunity for participants to validate the regional report and expand their knowledge on indicators and capacity toward evidence-based policy-making. Most importantly, throughout the several technical sessions the agenda left plenty of room for delegates to discuss their own policy experience in the area of youth employment. Participants were able to hear, directly from their implementers, the most recent good practices in Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Central Asia.

The W4Y project is a global partnership between the ILO and The MasterCard Foundation. Its aim is to “promote decent work opportunities for young men and women through knowledge and action”. The immediate objective of the partnership is to produce more and better labour market information specific to youth in developing countries – 28 countries in total –, focusing in particular on transition paths to the labour market. To date, the ILO is engaged with eight countries in the region to support survey work and analysis – Armenia, FYR Macedonia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Montenegro, Russian Federation, Serbia and Ukraine.

The Conference took place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 28 to 29 April 2015. It brought together representatives from Governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations from the above-mentioned countries. To enhance the sharing of knowledge and experience further, tripartite delegations from Azerbaijan and Tajikistan were also invited.

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